Traveling From Bodrum To Istanbul By Electric Car

Güncem Güzel

Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 10:52 pm

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    In this post, you will read about a 2017 model Tesla Model S driven across Turkey’s 2020 Electric charging Infrastructure.

    The beginning of the trip with a fully charged Tesla Model S

    Leaving Istanbul with 99 percent, we are heading toward Bodrum. The Tesla Model S was charged at the hotel by a 220-volt socket, which filled the car during the stay.

    The first target for electric charging is the charging station in Manisa, which is 245 km from the destination point. The aim of the trip is not to take a break until we reach the charger in Manisa.

    traveling by electric car

    On a side note, there is currently a limit on the regeneration brake, meaning when you take your foot off the gas, it can’t brake. That’s because the battery is fully charged. There’s no more room to charge. In the case of being used to driving with regeneration, when you take your foot off the car, the car doesn’t hold itself, which might feel strange at moments.

    On the Road with Tesla Model S: EV Charging Stations

    Coming to the road, we can now switch the electric car to the auto-pilot. Departing from Bodrum, Güvercinlk, we have programmed the car to remember and show where it had previously charged itself.

    With a 96 percent charge, we have passed a few charging stations along the road, namely: a station in Milas, reportedly with ultra-fast DC, which we saw it is not; Delta’s devices; devices with 75 kw from CCS.

    In Söke, at the Capollo mall, there is a DC of 50 kwa. We passed that too, and on the new highway, at Osmangazi Bridge, there is also a station for electric charging. Also, there are two stations in the direction of both Istanbul and Izmir. They are new, too. If not for this, we would have gone to Akhisar. There are Delta’s devices of 75 kw in Akhisar. And there is CCS’s in İzmir, also.

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    The EV charging infrastructure in Turkey

    Popular opinion in Turkey is that the charging infrastructure is not sufficient in Turkey. Yet, this is not the case, and our trip proved it.
    On the contrary, especially on holiday routes, on routes such as Istanbul-Ankara, the number of AC stations is now quite high. But DC is required for long journeys.

    We did cross a lot of stations along the way and had a chance to make a choice.

    To learn where you can charge your EV, you can check The site offers information about where and at what speed there are charging stations for EVs in Turkey.

    Special thanks to our partners from E-garaj for providing content for this itinerary.

    Stay tuned for another Tesla review on the website or more useful advice on Evs and all things electric charging.

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