Top 7 Electric Car Events for 2023 in the US

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Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 12:22 pm

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    Every year the US hosts a wide variety of events celebrating electric vehicles and other e-mobility solutions. Some of these events, attempt to exhibit new cutting-edge Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV) technologies to the general public, while others work as a platform for academic researchers and EV automakers to find feasible solutions to different problems that the industry might face. If you are searching for electric vehicle events that you can attend to get familiar with the technology, then this is the perfect place for you.

    Figure. EC Exposition. Source: China Daily

    1.     Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

    Figure 2: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (EHVTC) – Source: EHVTC

    The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo is one of the largest and most popular electric vehicle conferences in the USA. This exposition/conference focuses on a showcase of cutting-edge technology components used to manufacture EV technology, offering a peak of the latest trends for EVs in a live presentation. This exposition is an open tech forum, showcase, exhibit, and more.

    Attendees to the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo will learn about the latest trends in outstanding Hybrid & Battery Electric Vehicle brands like Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, and others. The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo takes place from September 12th to September 14th in the Suburban Collection Showplace located in Novi, Michigan. The cost to attend goes from $0 for qualified registrants up to $199.

    2.     Automotive Retail 2023

    The Automotive Retail 2023 is a two-day exciting event focused on four major important subjects about the electric automotive industry:

    • Digital Dealership Strategy.
    • All-Electric Vehicle Marketing and Sales Acceleration.
    • The future of the OEM/Dealer relationship.
    • E-commerce and Meeting the Needs of Modern Consumers.

    This event will be led by remarkable key speakers that make part of the battery electric car industry. Some of the companies that attend to the event include KIA, Lucid, McLaren Automotive Ltd, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Bentley, and many others. Speakers will be dealing with important subjects regarding the North American EV agenda.

    The general public can partake in this event to be updated with the latest news, but the most common attendees are battery-powered electric vehicle auto dealers and automakers. One of the main goals of the event is to bring both parties together, improving relationships and learning from one another. The event lasts for 18 hours, includes over 40 speakers, and will take place in Las Vegas from May 16th to May 17th, and the cost goes from $2,199 up to $2,999.

    3.     IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo

    Figure 3: ITEC 2023 Logo – Source: ITEC

    The IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC) has worked as one of the main platforms for industry leaders and researchers of the academia, helping present the latest trends in all-electric transportation. The ITEC 2023 edition delivers over 12 keynote speakers and introduces over 200 accepted papers, aside from the regular exhibits.

    The ITEC 2023 focuses on grid interface technologies relating to transportation electrification, rechargeable electric vehicle power conversion, and other e-mobility solutions. Representatives of major OEM companies like ABB and Eaton, EV automakers like Volvo, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and many other EV innovation companies, will attend this conference. The conference will take place in Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan, from June 21st to June 23rd.

    4.     International Conference on Basics of Electric Vehicles 2023

    The International Conference on Basics of Electric Vehicles (ICBEV) 2023 is a federated organization aimed to unite academic scientists, researchers, and leaders of the battery electric automobile industry for different academic events and presentations. This is an interdisciplinary platform looking to inform the parties involved on the latest technologies for electric vehicles, but it is also opened to the general public.

    During the ICBEV 2023 conference, many published papers will be discussed and exhibits of major EV automakers will make an appearance. The conference will expose subjects like Battery Electric Vehicles basics, battery swapping, safety measures, environmental impact, grid capacity, and more. The ICBEV 2023 will take place on October 7th and October 8th 2023 in New York, USA.

    5.     Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023

    The Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023 is one of the most anticipated electric vehicle events of the year. Presented by the Fully Charged show, this event hosts dozens of exhibitors and visitors from all over the USA and other countries, featuring test drives, two-wheeler battery vehicle test tracks, and more. The event will present the latest trends in smart EV charging, e-bikes, performance vehicles, alternative e-mobility solutions, and new innovative technologies.

    Like in previous installments of the event, the Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023 will introduce new battery-only electric vehicle models to be released into the market and exhibit a wide set of EV models. This event includes exhibits from companies in the EV industry like Tesla, Nissan, KIA, EVgo, Wallbox, Lucid, BMW, Chevrolet, and others.

    The Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023 takes place from October 27th to October 29th 2023, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, California. The cost for the ticket goes from $25 for a single day for students  to $50 for the weekend for regular attendees.

    6.     EVS36

    Figure 5: EVS36 Logo – Source: EVS36

    The 36th edition of the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EV36) is one of the most expected battery-powered electric vehicle events of the season, switching places every year from different countries in America, Asia, and Europe. The EV36 is a forum where leading personalities of the EV market address issues regarding the industry and introduce their solutions, working as a platform to connect EV companies from all over the world.

    The EV36 event hosts presentations by electric battery vehicle companies and research institutes presenting cutting-edge solutions for the future of the EV industry, scientists introducing, discussing, and defending papers, and more. Exhibitors of the EV36 event include companies like ABB, Volvo, Tesla, Nissan, Polestar, Siemens, and many others. This edition of the event will take place in Sacramento, California, from June 11th to June 14th 2023. The cost goes from $175 up to $1750.

    7.     National Drive Electric Week

    Figure 6: National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) – Source: NDEW

    Finally, the National Drive Electric Week is a nationwide event celebrated all across North America that consists not of a single event, but a whole series of events celebrated during the season. This event brings awareness of full electric vehicle models and different e-mobility solutions, but it also attempts to unite potential EV drivers looking to learn about EVs directly from experienced drivers.

    Previous sponsors of the National Drive Electric Week include pure EV industry companies like Nissan, Electrify America, Enel X, Inside EVs, EVgo, and others. This nationwide event will be hosted from September 22nd to October 1st, 2023. There is no specific location for the event since it includes multiple events occurring simultaneously all over the country during these dates. To find nearby events you can look at the listed events on the official website of the National Drive Electric Week.

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