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    In this post, we focus on what experience owning a Lexus ES Hybrid can give you, via an in-depth analysis of this 5-meter remarkable hybrid.

    Lexus, as a luxury brand produced by Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota, is the top selling luxury car brand in the US. It is preferred as an executive car in different countries, especially in Japan. It is a best-selling brand, especially in North America. Lexus ES 300h uses hybrid self-charging technology. As an E-segment car, in ES 300h, many things have been thought about in terms of comfort and equipment. In this sense, its rivals can be shown as some cars signed by Mercedes and BMW.

    An Overview of the Lexus ES 300h

    Lexus ES Hybrid is Lexus’ sedan in the E segment. It has an attractive design and also an exciting performance. Rivals are; Mercedes E series, BMW 5 series, Audi 6; spacious and luxury sedans. Lexus ES 300 Hybrid is a successful combination of gasoline and electric motor: hybrid technology that charges itself while driving, provides fast and linear acceleration capability. The new Lexus enters the list of safest cars with Safety System, from the top. It has a 2.5-liter engine that produces 218 horsepower and 221 Nm of torque. Its maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. It provides a personalized driving experience with different driving modes. It makes a comfortable driving experience possible with its aerodynamic features, impressive equipment features, and interior design features that allow ergonomic driving.

    Of course, all this luxury, new technology and comfort comes at a cost. So, is the Lexus ES 300h a worthwhile car? Let’s look for the answer to this question, together.

    A Peaceful Start: Hybrid Details of Lexus ES

    From the moment you sit in the driver’s seat, the self-charging battery is always ready. You don’t need to plug it in at night or to charge the batteries externally. In city driving, the all-electric EV mode engages at low speeds with zero emissions and no gasoline required. With two energy sources, the Lexus Hybrid provides both power and efficiency.

    Seamlessly combining gasoline and electric power, the hybrid system monitors driving conditions to coordinate both power sources when accelerating, in heavy traffic or cruising at higher speeds. Self-charging with its smart braking system, the Lexus Hybrid carefully conserves energy. Not only when you are cruising, but also when you stop or slow down, more energy is recovered thanks to the regenerative braking system.

    What Does Lexus ES Offer in Terms of Performance?

    Lexus ES 300h uses hybrid engine technology. Under the hood, it carries the fourth generation of Toyota’s hybrid engine. A 2.5-liter 178HP 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a 120HP electric motor work together. The total system power of the car is 218HP. It produces 221 Nm of torque.

    It completes 0-100km/h acceleration in 8.9 seconds. Its maximum speed is 180km/h.

    ES Hybrid is 1680 kg. Extremely light for a hybrid vehicle in this class. Its low weight gives it a dynamic driving opportunity.

    A 4-speed automatic transmission has been added alongside the existing CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system. An enhanced, dynamic, fast and sportier feel. This emerging hybrid system is one of the most responsive and performance-ready system ever. When you press the gas pedal, you feel the high power. You also enjoy smart efficiency while driving calmer.

    The Multi-Stage Hybrid provides clues to the future. As Lexus continues to lead the industry in hybrid technology, it will continue to develop other models in its product line in this direction.

    Lexus ES Hybrid; A Good Choice For Fuel Economy

    According to factory data, fuel consumption is 4.7 liters per 100 km. In practical use, it is seen that it is possible to reach these figures and even to reach better consumption figures. The 4th generation hybrid technology is very successful in this sense. The electric motor is very powerful. The car is very keen to go electric.

    Why should fuel consumption matter when you’re in a luxury car, a million dollar car? Well, fuel prices are important to everyone. In addition, fuel consumption is not just an economy item. It is also about environmentalism.

    That’s why hybrid cars are important and a hope for a better future.

    The performance of Lexus ES is very good in terms of economy and, accordingly, environmentalism.

    Maintenance costs are an important item also, especially in premium vehicles. On Lexus, especially the hybrid, maintenance costs are relatively low. Including ES.

    All in all, the Lexus ES hybrid is an economical car in terms of operating costs, even if it is not in terms of purchase price.

    Does Lexus ES Have a Weakness in Usability?

    Usability is actually one of the weakest points of Lexus ES Hybrid. This is actually a problem that most of the E segment premium sedans suffer from. As if usability has been compromised for the sake of luxury and comfort. This is also the case with the Lexus ES.

    Luggage volume is 420 liters. Luggage space is useful, but the rear seats do not recline. Batteries may also have an effect on this. Because the batteries are located between the rear seat and the trunk. Therefore, even if the rear seats were reclining, there would not be a large area due to the batteries. A negative detail in terms of usefulness.

    In fact, we cannot say that it is very easy to use, as there are so many functions in the car. There is a huge 12.3-inch screen on the front and you have to do all the controls on the screen. Graphics and speed are fine, the screen works fine, but you can get lost in the menus for a while, especially until you get used to the car. The number of functions is many and the use of all functions is embedded in this screen. This naturally seems to create some difficulty in terms of use.

    A similar situation applies to the steering wheel. Seems a little complicated.

    With so many features and controllable and customizable details in the car, it is not possible to control the console as soon as you sit in the car. You should give yourself some time on this.

    Customized Driving Experience and Comfort

    Lexus hybrid systems monitor your driving conditions and seamlessly control the use of power sources. Makes the most suitable choice for you. However, if you want, you can choose your way of driving with “Eco, Normal, and Sport” modes. The Drive Mode Selector button is located next to the dashboard. So you can use the button without changing your field of view or driving position. You can make the decisions at all stages, from initial movement to acceleration, mid-journey and deceleration. Together with your car, you produce lower emissions and increase performance.

    With Normal mode you can achieve the best balance between fuel efficiency and engine performance. Sport mode gives more steering feel, faster and more dynamic accelerator response. Eco mode improves fuel efficiency by controlling throttle, engine power and climate settings.

    Once you’re behind the wheel, your senses work in a way that keeps you safe at all times. Lexus ES Hybrid promises to empower your senses with the vehicle’s “sense”. And it manages to deliver on that promise to a large extent. Advanced security systems go beyond human perception abilities. It protects the driver and passengers in an intuitive and intelligent way. In this sense, the car is extremely flexible. Whatever you need at that moment, the Lexus ES Hybrid can offer it to you.


    The responsive remote-controlled tailgate provides convenience, especially when you have shopping bags at hand. With the key in your pocket or purse, you can easily open or close the trunk lid by moving your foot under the rear bumper.


    The ES 300h is an extremely quiet vehicle. It features sound dampening via Hybrid Acoustics. In this system, the soundproofing is placed between two soft layers. Thus, journeys with the ES are extremely enjoyable, even at high speeds.

    Many steps have been taken to prevent noise from getting inside the ES, including additional door seals, reducing the holes in the floor and upper seat area, and improving the panel alignment process with body putty. Various measures have been taken, such as suspension tower silencers, for the best dampening of noise, and sound dampening wing coverings and underfloor hatches have been added. Soundproofing glasses are used on the windshield and front side windows. 


    Omotenashi is an ancient concept of Japanese tradition meaning, “hospitality and courtesy”. However, we can say that Omotenashi goes beyond hassle-free service. It is a host’s ability to anticipate a guest’s needs before they are aware of it. 

    Lexus claims to act with this Japanese philosophy at every point, from its cars to the showrooms and the services provided. The Omotenashi philosophy makes Lexus think of all the details and creates a personalized approach with the understanding that every customer is different.

    In line with the Omotenashi philosophy, ES Hybrid is ready to welcome you even before you get behind the wheel. When you approach the car at night, the door handles illuminate to greet you and illuminate the floor under the doors so you don’t step into puddles.

    Sitting comfortably in the new ES, your passengers will enjoy the relaxing experience offered by the air conditioning system, which emits nanoe ions that moisturize the hair and skin of everyone in the car.

    Highlights of Lexus ES 300 Hybrid Exterior Design

    The new ES 300h, with its lower stance, width and elegant design, breaks the prejudices of high-end sedans in a sense. When you look from the side, the coupé-style silhouette greets you, while inside the vehicle you can experience the spaciousness of a top-of-the-line sedan.

    All new ES models have redesigned headlights. The impressive 3-projector LED headlights are strikingly stylish. These units have BladeScan AHS (Adaptive High-Beam System). The headlights are surrounded by Lexus’ exclusive Daytime Running Lights (DRL). 

    The ES 300h’s new grille has been developed by reducing the number of vertical bars and using L-shaped segments that reflect horizontal flow and forward movement.

    The camera performance of the Digital Side Mirrors, which are designed to show the rear of the vehicle better than the conventional rear view mirrors, has been increased. System software that reduces interference produces clearer images. Light and shadows are combined and flicker in LEDs is reduced.

    The rear lights of the ES, using the latest LED technologies, make the Lexus “L” visual style of the vehicle immediately recognizable with its very clear lighting feature.

    Interior Design Promoting Comfort

    When you step inside the Lexus ES Hybrid, you can immediately see that an investment has been made in the perception of quality. Original, technological and minimal. The focus is on comfort with large and comfortable seats. The rear row of seats is also wide. Both knee and headroom are very comfortable. The coupe-like design of the car prevents the headroom from being as high as an SUV, but you can be comfortable as long as you don’t exceed 2 meters.

    Since the steering wheel and shift lever can seriously affect the driving experience, the designers worked with Lexus’ experienced craftsmen, Takumi Masters, to best develop these contact points. They especially focused on the shape and cross-section of the steering wheel. They worked for good feel and steering stability. The wood of the special steering wheel, which comes in Exclusive Equipment, was hand-made by Japanese Takumi masters in a period of about a month. The woods surrounding the console are produced with the same method. Quality materials are combined with a very good workmanship. The steering wheel has a heating feature. It is possible to control features such as music, phone, voice recognition, vehicle information display, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Support with the buttons integrated into the steering wheel.

    The leather seats in the new ES also reflect the Japanese “Takumi” craftsmanship. The seams on the high-quality leather seats are processed with incredible precision. Ergonomic riding position reduces fatigue and offers a good grip feeling. Thanks to the mechanism that can adjust the seat in up to 16 directions, a wide variety of driving positions suitable for drivers can be obtained. The seats have heating and cooling systems.

    Legroom in the rear seats is very good. You can control the multimedia while sitting in the back. With the independent control panel in the rear seat, passengers can operate the air conditioning, audio system, rear seat heater, rear seat folding and sun visors. An electric rear sun visor is offered to increase comfort in hot weather. Rear seat passengers can adjust this sun visor for the rear, door and quarter windows.

    The 12.3-inch screen features the Lexus Premium Navigation system, which offers vivid 3D graphics, audio and climate control. Driver and passengers can use any phone app they want via Android Auto or wireless Apple CarPlay. One criticism of the Lexus ES is that the vehicle’s control system is difficult to use. There is a touchpad, but it vibrates and it can be difficult to drive while looking at it.

    A sensor in the new ES 300h detects cabin humidity and cabin/windshield temperature and prevents the windshield from fogging.

    Lexus ES; Worthy of Its Segment in Terms of Safety

    Lexus ES was awarded Top Safety Pick+ in tests conducted in the USA. In the tests carried out in Europe, it received 91% passenger safety and 5 stars from Euro NCAP. The vehicle has proven to be safe.

    If we compare safety with its competitors, we can get a mini table like this:

    Lexus ESNCAP % 91 – IIHS TSP+
    BMW 5NCAP % 91 – IIHS TSP+

    The outstanding feature of Lexus ES at this point is that it offers electronic security assistants as standard in all packages.

    Lexus Safety System+ in the new ES 300h co-pilots you. It keeps you safe in all conditions, both in urban traffic and on the highway, day and night, at intersections, bends and when changing lanes.

    In addition to the single-lens camera and millimeter wave radar, functions such as Emergency Steering Assist make your life easier. The lane detection capability of the system, the performance of the camera and radar have been improved. The response range of the Pre-Collision System, which can detect bicycles during the day and pedestrians at night in the dark, has been increased. Blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, all anti-collision cameras and radars are standard on the vehicle.

    Ten airbags are offered as standard in the new Lexus ES 300h Hybrid. These include driver and front passenger airbags and knee airbags, front and rear side airbags, and curtain airbags that cover all side windows.

    Lexus ES 300h Hybrid Technical Specifications

    Engine type  Hybrid
    CylindersInline 4
    Fuel type Hybrid / Petrol
    Fuel System Direct Injection
    Engine AlignmentTransverse
    Engine PositionFront
    Engine size 2487 cm3 
    Number of valves16
    Horsepower215 hp
    Maximum torque221 Nm 
    TransmissionContinuously variable-speed automatic
    Drive TypeFront wheel drive
    Number of electric engines1
    Electric Engine Power40 PS 
    Top Speed180 Km/h 
    Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h8.9 s
    Num. of Doors4
    Wheelbase287.0 cm 
    Length497.5 cm
    Width186.5 cm
    Height144.5 cm
    Front Axle159.0 cm
    Rear Axle160.0 cm
    Num. of Seats5
    Front Tyres – Rims dimensions215/55 R17
    Rear Tyres – Rims dimensions215/55 R17
    Front Wheels Width7.5″
    Rear Wheels Width7.5″
    Turning radius11.8 m
    Curb Weight1762 Kg
    Trunk / Boot capacity420 L
    Fuel Consumption4.7 L/100 Km 
    Range (WLTP)909 Km 
    Range (EPA)943 Km
    Fuel Tank Capacity50 L 
    Blind spot and lane departure warnings accident avoidance systemS
    Pre-collision safety systemS
    Post-collision safety systemS
    Dual front and dual rear side-mounted airbagsS
    Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivationS
    Front and rear head airbagsS
    Stability controlS
    Traction controlS
    Child seat anchorsS
    Rear door child safety locksS
    4-wheel ABSS
    Ventilated front disc / solid rear disc brakesS
    Emergency braking assistS
    Tire pressure monitoringS
    Dusk sensing headlampsS
    Auto delay off headlampsS
    LED headlampS
    Self-leveling headlightsS
    Daytime running lightsS
    Front fog/driving lightsS
    Turn signal mirrorsS
    2 front headrestsS
    3 rear headrestsS
    Rear height adjustable headrestsS
    Rear center 3-point beltS
    Remote anti-theft alarm systemS
    Engine immobilizerS
    AM/FM stereoS
    Pioneer premium brand speakersS
    USB connectionS
    Hands-free entryS
    Heated mirrorsS
    Keyless ignitionS
    Transmission, cruise and audio controls on steering wheelS
    Electric power steeringS
    Rear view cameraS
    Adaptive cruise controlS
    Front and rear cupholdersS
    Front and rear door pocketsS
    Front seatback storageS
    Leather steering wheelS
    Dual zone front climate controlS
    Rear ventilation ductsS
    Interior air filtrationS
    Dual illuminating vanity mirrorsS
    Turn signal in mirrorsS

    In the Final Analysis: Is Lexus ES 300h A Buy?

    Lexus ES Hybrid is a really high quality and comfortable car. Good in engine performance. It offers a quality design and top-class comfort. Details such as presenting the car with complete equipment and using the latest technology in almost every detail are important. In this sense, it seems to meet adjectives such as “luxury” and “executive car”.

    If you are considering another vehicle instead of Mercedes, Lexus is the car to choose. Of course, at this point, you need to evaluate the question of whether you can easily find a buyer while selling the car.

    Of course, having this luxury has a financial cost. For this reason the model is already in good demand in countries with high living standards.

    To make the long story short; if your intention is to buy an upper class hybrid sedan, why not choose the Lexus ES 300h?,lexus-es_350-2020

    Find out more about Lexus ES, the pros and cons of this hybrid model and the FAQs related to one of the highlight models in the hybrid car market.

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