After Tesla, A Discount Coming From Ford For Mustang Mach-e!…

Güncem Güzel

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 07:04 pm

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    After the American electric car giant Tesla, Ford also reduced the price for its electric model Mustang Mach-E.

     Price cuts have been interpreted as a sign of competition in the electric car market recently.

    Ford has slashed the price of the two most affordable versions of the Mustang Mach-E by nearly $6,000. The prices of other Mach-E models with longer range batteries and premium options were reduced by 6 percent to 9 percent.

    In mid-January this year, Tesla lowered the prices of its electric cars by up to 20 percent in response to falling demand around the world.

    “At Ford,we want to make EVs more accessible, so we’re increasing Mustang Mach-E production & reducing prices across the Mach-E lineup. Scaling will shorten customer wait times. And with higher production, we’re reducing costs, which allows us share these savings with customers,” Ford’s CEO Jim Farley said on Twitter.

    Discount Between $500 and $5900!

    Following the announcement, the standard battery rear-wheel drive model of the Mustang Mach-E, the lowest price in the United States (USA), dropped to $45,995 with a $900 discount.

    The high-performance Mach-E GT with a higher range battery will be sold at $ 63,995 with a discount of $ 5,900.

    Electric vehicles priced under $55,000 in the US have benefited from a $7,500 interest rate cut since January 1. Ford’s new price adjustment allows more versions of Mach-E to take advantage of this support.

    Those Waiting for Their Pre-Ordered Mach-E Will Also Enjoy Discounts!

    Ford management announced that the discounted prices will also apply to customers who have already ordered and are waiting for their cars. 

    The decrease in supply due to the shortage of chips in the last two years has caused sharp price increases in automobiles, as in many electronic products that use chips. In addition to the increasing prices, the delivery times of the cars were extended up to a year for some brands.

    Demand for cars and other high-priced products has weakened in recent months as the Federal Reserve has significantly increased interest rates. Due to the decrease in demand, car manufacturers, especially Tesla, made discounts of up to 20 percent in their prices.

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